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Hi, and welcome to my blog, Life’s a window! My name is Ellie and I’m a 23 year old born and bred Londoner, obsessed with all things travel related. For the past year or so I’ve  been working in SEO and content writing for a small digital agency, but before that I lived and studied in Brighton (perhaps one of my favourite cities in the world!) for three years.

Brighton beach

I’ve always been interested in writing, and even back at school I was convinced that I would grow up to be a journalist. Moving back to London after university, I became more and more interested in content writing as I was given extra opportunity at work to write large pieces for clients and the company. I was also very lucky to be given the chance to review festivals and gigs throughout the summer and beyond for some online music companies, which fueled another love of mine – music and festivals!

Bestival festival 2014

Likewise, travel has always been very important in my life. However, I’ve never really had the opportunity to do a long travelling trip, what with a lack of funds and being tied down to college and university! Although I did manage to sneak a few month-long trips between studying during my university summer holidays, travelling Italy for a month after my first year, then Thailand after my second and finally Ibiza after my third (I can’t deny it – I am definitely a bit of a party girl!).

San Antonio Ibiza

But after settling into a job for a while after graduation and having the opportunity to save a good chunk of money, I decided to go for the plunge and plan for a (hopefully!) epic 6-month backpacking trip in South-East Asia with two of my close friends. That’s why I thought I’d put together this blog as a creative outlet whilst I travel, allowing family and friends to keep track of my journey and maybe even providing other travellers with some useful content. I chose the name ‘Life’s a window’ as I felt it’s exactly how I view life – you’ve really got to make the most of it and grab that opportunity when you can! I’m well aware that it’s a little cheesy, but perhaps we all need a bit of cheese in life sometimes. Anyway, my dad does seem to think I speak in clichés – not too sure what to think of that!

My graduation at the Brighton Dome

I hope you enjoy reading my blog as much as I enjoy writing it!

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