Pai Canyon

Chilling out in Pai

A three hour drive from busy Chiang Mai, the relaxed hippy town of Pai in Thailand is a much more laid back affair. When people have asked me what there is to do in Pai, I have to stop and think for a bit as nothing really springs to mind immediately. We stayed for 6 nights and spent a lot of our time relaxing, eating (of course) and exploring the small town and its surroundings. To be honest after a lot of crammed days and late night partying in both Bangkok and Chiang Mai, some chill time was very much welcomed!

Even the accommodation had a laid back feel. We stayed in a hostel called Spicy Pai (would definitely recommend) and we slept in tree-house style dorms in beds made from wood. I even came home one night and found a dog asleep on my bed, which I didn’t mind as I love animals but I’m sure some would! The view outside our window was simply beautiful and you could see rolling mountains, grazing water buffalo and stretches and stretches of green.

Spicy Pai Hostel Spicy Pai Hostel Spicy Pai Hostel

We spent our days riding around on mopeds (although I didn’t dare to attempt!) and even just zooming around in the sun felt so nice and chilled.

Driving in Pai Driving in Pai

There are lots of coffee shops in Pai and we stopped off at a great one called ‘Coffee in love’ during one ride and filled up with rich cakes and iced drinks under the sun.

Coffee in love Coffee in love Coffee in love

There is a canyon not too far from the centre so we stopped off there on two separate days to see it during the middle of the day and again for sunset. Needless to say, the view was incredible!

Pai Canyon Pai Canyon Pai Canyon Pai Canyon Pai Canyon

We also visited two of the natural hot springs spots around the town. The first cost 200 baht to enter (about £4) and is pretty close to the center of the town. It’s definitely worth a visit – we decided to go about 5 o clock to avoid overheating in the middle of the day. The water feels lovely and there are different pools of different degrees of heat – relaxation to the max!

Pai hot springs Pai hot springs Pai hot springs

The second hot springs are a lot further away – I’d say we drove for about an hour and a half before finding them. These springs are free to see but unfortunately are much too hot to get in – you could literally see the steam! The drive was really scenic and pretty but I’m not too sure if it was really worth the long travel as the first springs were so much better.

Pai hot springs Pai hot springs

The rest of our time was spent wandering the street markets, munching on delicious (and cheap!) food and relaxing on the grass. Our nights were really nice too and we spent them in cosy bars with live music and around campfires chatting with other travellers.

Bar in Pai Food board in Pai

I really loved Pai, and would recommend it to anyone who wants to see a different side to Thailand as its so unique from anywhere else in the country I’ve been. I spoke to so many people who had planned to visit the town for a couple of days and have ended up staying there for weeks and even months. I’m not even surprised why!

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