Christmas in London, England, 2016: 6 fun things to do

As most of you reading this will know, I’d been away from the UK and my friends and family for a whopping 20 months, spending 8 months voyaging South-East Asia and a year working and living in Sydney, Australia. Well, I’ve been home for about 4 months now and what a jam-packed 4 months it’s been! From catching up with loved ones to visiting some of my favourite cities in Europe and then easing back into working here in London again, it’s sure been a very busy and eventful time in my life.

Although I do miss Australia a lot and often catch myself reminiscing fondly over the endless hot beach days, there’s definitely one thing I’m excited about being back in the UK and that is: CHRISTMAS!

Christmas in Australia felt very strange, very alien to me. It’s not really a huge deal over there and I missed the festivities, the Christmas trees, the crazy lights and the cheer. I’ll tell you a secret; I even missed the cold. Now that’s saying something!

So, feeling extra, extra festive this year (I’m not sure my friends and family can really believe it) I’ve been making the most of the festivities offered across London. And there’s definitely a lot to do! So, here are some of the best Christmas-related events and things to do across England’s lovely capital this year. You’re welcome.


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