The Ultimate Guide to Peckham, London

Once renowned as one of South East London’s dodgy urban neighbourhoods most would be afraid to set foot in, Peckham is now the epitome of city gentrification. The introduction of the Overground line in 2012, running through to Peckham Rye between Clapham Junction and Dalston Junction may well be a heavy contributor to this.

Now, artsy cafes, shabby-chic vintage clothing shops, and buzzy bars serving cocktails in jam jars sit between the fried chicken shops and the cut-price nail salons. With this brings flocks of art students, young professionals, and yummy mummies.

Still, the contrast in the district is a fascinating one. Despite the recent influx of money, the original sense of community is still very much present. Interestingly, huge African populations are living in the area.

Stroll down Rye Lane and it won’t be long until you discover corner stores selling yams and takeaway shops dishing up warm plates of chicken stew, jollof rice, and plantain. Weave between these mixes of cultures and lifestyles and a visit to Peckham is sure to be a unique one.

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Dans Le Noir London: Would You Dine in the Dark?

Dans Le Noir London, located in the charming area of Clerkenwell in Islington, is a restaurant like no other. Instead of your usual sit down meal, brave diners are led into a completely blackened room and are served by visually impaired waiters, all while sharing a table with other guests.

Dished up on the menu are four different surprise set meals. These include the ‘trust the chef’ white menu, comprising of an exotic selection of meat and seafood, the red menu of meat-based dishes, the blue menu of pescatarian dishes, and finally the vegetarian or vegan green menu.


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Christmas in London, England, 2016: Six Fun Things to Do

I’ve been home for about four months now after living and travelling abroad for 20 months, and what a jam-packed four months it’s been. From catching up with loved ones to visiting some of my favourite cities in Europe and then easing back into working here in London again, it’s sure been a busy and eventful time in my life.

Although I do miss Australia and Southeast Asia and often catch myself reminiscing fondly over the hot beach days, there’s definitely one thing I’m excited about being back in the UK for. Christmas in London!

Christmas in Australia felt very strange and alien to me. Christmas doesn’t feel like a huge deal over there. I missed the festivities, the Christmas trees, the bright lights, and the cheer.

I’ll tell you a secret: I even missed the cold. Now that’s saying something.

Feeling extra festive this year (I’m not sure my friends and family can believe it) I’ve been making the most of the Christmas celebrations offered across London. There’s definitely plenty to do.

If you’re in London this festive season, why not get involved? Here are some of the best Christmas-related events and activities across England’s lovely capital this year. You’re welcome.


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