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How to Save Money in Singapore

As soon as I arrived in the city-state of Singapore, gazing up at the teeming skyscrapers and marvelling at the fast-paced hustle and bustle of my surroundings, I was eager to explore. However, after months spent enjoying foot massages costing three pounds and huge cheap-as-chips exotic spreads of food in other countries in Southeast Asia, when we arrived in Singapore the prices seemed somewhat higher.

On a strict travel budget, my travel buddies and I made sure not to spend too much in Singapore. Here’s how to save money in Singapore.

1. Save Money on Food

Most hostels in Singapore averaged about the same price per night (between seven to ten pounds-ish.) But if the hostel included breakfast, this would mean a little less spending each day. Bonus if there was a kitchen to use.

Two words – Food Street. Restaurants and cafes in Singapore are similarly priced to western standards. Food Street situated centrally in China town was a haven for us. We could pick up delicious and heaped plates of food for only a couple of pounds or so.

Plus, Food Street offers a pleasant atmosphere to eat in. The street is lined with plenty of Chinese restaurants, with visitors and locals alike ambling around choosing their dishes.

Singapore's Food Street
A delicious Indian meal from Food Street!

2. Hit the Happy Hour Bars­­

Alcohol is expensive in Singapore, probably even more so than in the UK. The wine seemed to be a lot pricier, as did a pint of beer or cider.

For this reason, we avoided going out in Singapore (shocker, I know.). However, if you do want to hit the tiles in Singapore, check out the happy hour bars for bargain booze.

3. Explore on the Cheap

Many big cities host free walking tours, and Singapore was no exception. We met up with a team called Singapore Footprints in the business district of Raffles Place and spent a lovely couple of hours roaming the city. It was great to explore in a group, and the tour guides were friendly and knowledgeable of Singapore. Not too shabby for a freebie.
Singapore city Singapore city

Singapore city
Exploring Singapore by foot

One of my favourite spots in the city is the gorgeous Singapore Botanic Gardens. There’s so much to see, and the gardens are free to enter.

We saw lots of wildlife: tons of fish and terrapins moving around in the lake and water monitor lizards crawling around.

Singapore Botanic Gardens
The beautiful Botanic Gardens

If you want to visit some of the top tourist attractions like Universal Studios, there’s no denying you’ll have to spend a bit. However, we found that booking online or visiting outside of peak hours meant you could save a fair chunk of dollars.

Southeast Asia’s largest light and water show situated at Marina Bay Sands is a stunning spectacle to see, and free for all to enjoy. The 13-minute show tells a visual story using lights, water, and laser effects and is a definite must-see.

Plus, the show is an excellent opportunity to check out the world-famous Marina Bay Sands.

Singapore light show

Singapore light show
The light show was definitely entertaining

Making the most of the free events and spots to visit, we managed to explore Singapore without ruining our budget for the rest of our travels. With these tips, now you know how to save money in Singapore too. Do you have any tips for a cost-friendly trip to Singapore?

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